Every Lovely Terrible Thing

Adam Fawcett

Alister Smith

Robyn Arthur
Lyall Brooks
Sharon Davis
Rowan Jack
Eddie Orton
Sonya Suares

Lab Kelpie

Why do families stay together? And what happens when they try to move apart?

EVERY LOVELY TERRIBLE THING is a powerful family drama exploring the lives of six characters spread across four generations of one diverse Australian family.

Recently diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, 65yo single matriarch Val must convince her family to sell the family home to fund a risky treatment program in Austin, Texas that promises to give her retirement years back.

But her two children, 40yo twins Ruth and Kevin, have their own problems.

Recently separated and embarking on an IVF treatment program, Ruth is about to lose her mother just when she needs her the most, while ultra-conservative Kevin’s burgeoning political career threatens his marriage to Bonnie, who struggles to contain her true feelings for Ruth.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Bonnie’s over-confident but under-developed 20yo son Emmett enters into a mysterious relationship with Trent, the 30yo sexually fluid handy man tasked with repairing Val’s house for auction.

Brought together by the tragedy of Val’s diagnoses – then torn apart by her desire to fight it – EVERY LOVELY TERRIBLE THING mixes the complexity and chaos of twenty-first century life to examine universal themes of mortality, sexuality, identity and regret.

EVERY LOVELY TERRIBLE THING was named a finalist in the 2021 Queer Playwriting Award for Midsumma and Gasworks Arts Park.


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