Become The One (National Tour)

Adam Fawcett

Lyall Brooks

Chris Asimos
Mason Gasowski

Tom Backhaus

Tom Backhaus

Jodie Hutchinson

Lab Kelpie

Posterboy Media

Noah, a young queer man, captures the attention of Tom, a closeted high-profile AFL player nearing the end of his career. Delving into the hyper-masculinity of sport, Become The One asks what happens to clandestine relationships when good intentions and patience aren’t enough anymore.

A mainstage love story featuring vibrant queer characters at its heart, it is less interested in exploring why an AFL footballer is yet to come out, and more concerned with why same-sex partners of AFL players (who statistically have to exist) continue to accept it.

What if the partner, not the athlete, became the driving force behind dismantling the last bastion of heteronormative masculinity in Australian sport? What might they – and that journey – look like?

Become The One won the 2018 Playtime Award for New Queer Writing and was premiered by Lab Kelpie at the 2019 Midsumma Festival before transferring to the 2019 Chillout Festival.

This project’s development and premiere season was supported by Creative Victoria, a Jacky Winter Gardens Residency and the Victorian Government through the Pride Events and Festivals Fund.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Heart wrenching, raw and categorically brave. Become The One doesn’t let you off the hook. We need more of this on our stages."

Dani Rothwell | Theatre People

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

"Excellent. Little wonder it was selected as winner of the 2018 Gasworks Playtime Stage Readings Event for Midsumma. Definitely worth seeing."

Robina Bamforth | Be Melbourne

★ ★ ★ ★

"A tragedy representative of the AFL's persistence in modelling a repressive narrative of masculinity and heteronormativity to a nation."

Tahney Fosdike | Arts Hub

"Fawcett’s exquisite writing is undoubtedly the highlight of this production."

Samuel Barson | Theatre Press

"Fawcett’s text is spikey and smart …sensitivity and intelligence are woven all through it."

Michael Brindley | Stage Whispers

"A well-crafted work, solidly written and beautifully performed."

Aridhi Anderson | Weekend Notes


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